ANSA Competitive

We want to provide families the opportunity for their kids to participate in a competitive program at an affordable price and help the players to reach the best of their potential on and off the field.

In order to be a part of the competitive program, a player must participate in a tryout and register online. Upon registration and after tryout and acceptance, player must make payment arrangement for full acceptance into the program.

Total Cost:

  • $600 per season or
  • $1200 per year

Payment covers:

  • Futsal event rental
  • Stysa fees
  • Futsal registration
  • Admin fees
  • Field rental
  • Field maintenance
  • Referee
  • Ansa Tournament

Financial Assistance Application

For any questions or Scholarship application, please contact Ingrid Chavez at ingrid@ansacademy.org

Contact our Director of Coaching

Omar, at omar@ansacademy.org or call 713-857-2118


ANSA is a member of STYSA, Soccer Across America, and US Club Soccer