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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for ANSA! In this training, we will be covering our mission, ways you can serve, volunteer conduct, and coaching. 


  • Introduction 

    This section includes the Volunteer Handbook, the Child protection policy, and the Skype link to the live web classroom. Please review the materials in this section and click on the Skype button at your scheduled time. If you are unable to attend the live presentation of the material, a recording will be posted shortly after the conclusion of the live classroom. The time to complete this course is limited and we encourage you to finish promptly.


    • Volunteer Handbook
    • Child Protection Policy
    • Skype Link
  • New Training Module 

    This section contains the Power Point that will be presented on the Skype classroom. If you wish to review the material further, feel free to refer back to this section


    • Training Module Power Point
  • Coaching 

    In this section, we will be covering the coaching portion of the training.


    • Coaching
    • U5-U6
    • U7-U8
    • U10-U12
  • Quiz 

    Test your understanding


    • Final Quiz