International Exchange Program (IEP)

ANSA’s IEP Program is designed for Students from all over the world that would like to enhance their knowledge, develop their skills and abilities both academically and athletically in preparation for the next phase of their lives and prepare them for university and or a professional career.

Students will have to apply and provide appropriate documentation in order for the revision of documetnation and acceptance into the program which is composed of diferent areas.

Upon acceptance into the program, students will be communicated.

One Year

 The one Academic year program is available for 11th and 12th grades. It is a 10 month program which commences in August and goes through May of the following year.

3 Months

Designed for students to experience a glimpse of the one year program.

3 Week Camps

The 3 week program is designed for students to come and experience a first trip to the US where they may be able to participate in their sport, attend partial day of ESL and cultural classes and learn more about the american culture.  Students will be able to participate on ID Showcase to be exposed to college coaches.