ANSA is pleased to announce the beginning of its first STEM program.
We are seeking for projects and ideas to help ANSA become self sustainable and help support its causes.

As the first STEM program, ANSA is starting with focus on the area of electricity generation.

We have soccer fields in which our leagues, and programs are played on in Houston. We have to light the fields, water it, maintain it, and all of this has a high cost in order for us to keep it going. The idea is to bring in technology that can generate not only electricity and minimize our costs but also generate additional power, and selling energy back into a grid. That way we can keep ANSA fields and its programs sustainable.

If you are a donor with interests in this area, or would like to help us in this area, I would love to discuss it with you.

We welcome Corporate donations and partners. We have partnered with Fabulous Futurists who is supporting us, as we begin this program. We would love for you to join us and Fabulous Futurist in this endeavor as we seek to provide resources for lower income communities.

If you have a technology that we may be able to use please get in touch with us.

Please contact Marcelo at
Look forward to hearing form you and seeing you on the fields.

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