Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I find my courses?

After logging in, you will find your dashboard that lists your courses with images. Selecting a course in this list will take you to that course’s home page. 

How do I turn in my documents in an Assignment (dropbox)? ​
When instructors require you to turn in an essay, project, or similar type of coursework in Moonami, they will generally have you use the assignment activity. (Note: Some instructors may refer to an assignment as a dropbox.) Each essay or project will have its own assignment. To access the assignment, use the assignment’s link on the course home page. This will take you to the assignment page. Here you will see your instructor’s directions for the assignment, the Submission status, and the Add Submission button. If your instructor has asked you to submit a file for the assignment, you can do that by using the Add submission button. This will bring you to the File submissions page. You can drag and drop files into the area below, or you can add them with the file picker by selecting the Add icon. When your assignment has been fully submitted, you will see the Submission status indicated as Submitted for grading

How do I begin my exams or quizzes? ​
Before beginning an exam or quiz, be sure you’ve studied the course material! As most of your exams will be timed, it is imperative you use your time wisely. Being prepared will reduce much of the stress associated with taking exams. • Be sure you have enough free time to finish the exam! Once you press the start button on an exam, the timer will begin and continue to count down until time has expired, whether you are actively taking the exam or not. Do not navigate to other pages in Moonami while you have the exam open. This can cause issues with your submission. Be sure you have a reliable Internet connection. You should only start exams from a reliable Internet connection. If your home Internet connection fails often or has other issues, you may want to take your exams from a more reliable Internet connection. Be sure you fully submit the exam once you are finished. If you navigate away from the exam before completing the submission process your exam may not save properly, or other issues could arise. Be sure to contact your instructors immediately to make them aware of your issues. Contact technical support at

Starting an exam or quiz Select the exam from the course home page. The next page has your instructor’s directions for the exam, information about the number of attempts allowed and time limit, and the Attempt quiz now button. Be sure you have enough time to finish your exam. After ensuring you are prepared to begin the exam and going over your instructor’s directions, use the Attempt quiz now button to begin your attempt. A confirmation box will load, reminding you of the time limit and number of attempts. If you are certain you are ready to begin, use the Start attempt button to begin. This will begin the exam and start the timer.

Taking an exam or quiz – After starting the attempt, the first page of quiz questions will be displayed along with the quiz timer at the bottom of the page. To answer multiple choice or true/false questions, simply select the answer you believe is correct. For essay and short answer type questions, you will need to type your responses into the indicated fields. Other question types may require you to select the correct answer from a drop-down menu. When you have answered all of the questions on a page, use the Next button at the bottom of the page to navigate to the next page, or to begin the submission process if you are on the last page. This will show you a summary of your attempt, including any unanswered questions and the amount of time remaining. If you have skipped a question, it will be shown here as Not yet answered. A question’s number under the Question heading is a link that can be used to take you directly to a question. The Return to attempt button will take you to the beginning of the exam. After verifying you have answered every question and you are satisfied with your attempt, use the Submit all and finish button to submit your attempt for scoring. Depending on your instructor’s settings, this will take you to a review. Here you can see a review of your attempt, which will show you information about each question and your results. When you are done reviewing your submission, use the Finish review link at the bottom of the page to end the review. This will take you back to the start page of the exam or quiz. This page will give you an overview of your previous attempts and enable you to attempt the exam again if your instructor allows more than one attempt. 

How do I contact my instructor?

Questions about your course, course material, coursework, or grades should always be directed to your instructor. Contacting your instructor from Moodle is EASY! You can send a message through Moonami or contact your instructor by email. 
Tips for contacting instructors – Read your syllabus or instructor’s contact information page for your instructor’s contact information. Do they have a preferred way of communication? When can you expect a response? Remember to be polite. Use complete sentences. Don’t type in all caps – in online communication, it can be viewed as screaming.  Don’t use bright or hard to read fonts.