The mission of ANSA is to transform and empower youth and their families of all nations through soccer.  We do this through the following:

Free Soccer League Program

At ANSA, we provide children and youth in disadvantaged communities the opportunity to participate in a quality soccer league at an affordable price. Due to the generosity of our supporters, we are able to offer qualifying families financial assistance.

To participate in the league for FREE, children must meet one or more of the following requirements:

* The child is in the United States in refugee status.

* The child is an immigrant in transition in the United States.

* The child’s family has an annual income below $20,000. (Please provide copy of most recent tax return.)

* The child is an orphan.

* The child is going through a period of grief or loss.

* The child’s parent volunteers at ANSA.

* The child’s parent is a staff member at ANSA.

If your child meets one or more of these requirements, please register and submit proof upon registration.

For any questions please contact Ingrid at

Offline Forms

Below you will find all the necessary forms when registering your child for ANSA. Please feel free to download, print, and return these forms if you are unable to register online. Forms should be emailed to after completion.

Ansa Player Enrollment Form
Ansa Player Release of Liability
STYSA medical release form

Spanish | Español

Ansa Player Enrollment Form_-_spanish-final91614-1
Ansa Player Enrollment Form Liability-spanish
STYSA medical release form [english]